At the moment based in

Auckland, NZ


Club Tourism (AAT & AAAT)
Auckland, NZ
Senior Graphic Designer

Oliver Young
Auckland, NZ
Graphic Designer

Hot Creative
Auckland, NZ
Graphic Designer

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Graphic Designer


“Alline has a unique and varied mix of skills and talents. She is comfortable working in team and solo situations, and has shown that she can make either one a rewarding experience for both herself and the others she is working with. She also thrives on variety and is always pushing herself to produce work which excels beyond any previous efforts. Alline has undertaken a range of projects, bringing her own spirit to the work, and has had the grace to accept the input of others in order to maximise the effectiveness of the outcome.

I would definitely define her as one of the most creatively talented designers I have worked with in my career of over 25 years in Design. She is excellent at interpreting briefs and understanding the target audience. I have often seen her produce wonderful creative concepts and designs, in no time at all, and often from unremarkable material supplied.

Alline has shown that she can work independently on projects, dealing with all aspects from liaising with clients and/or suppliers and making them feel assured that the work is in good hands; to final production and seeing work through to artwork. It is a rare to find a truly creative designer who can deal with the big picture as well as the tiniest details, but Alline is adept at both.

As our Senior Graphic Designer, she has helped shape Club Tourism publications into the market-leading products they are today.”

David Walker Bell
Studio Manager at Club Tourism Publishing